Tried to "kick" the === object in building on first level - hung the game?


I think there's a "hang" condition in the game logic.
  • create character (Cop)
  • explore first level - start by going east
  • proceed south on first N-S street
  • turn east at next 4-way intersection
  • enter first "room" to the north
  • four paces north is a series of objects - three "=" characters in a horizontal row
  • stand next to the west side of the object(s)
  • press 'k' to kick
  • game responds with "Kick something. Which direction?" and has a flashing cursor
  • choose the direction to the right (the far west end of the row of "=" objects)
    Result: no change - cursor continues to flash.
  • I tried choosing any direction but the cursor continues to flash, the question does not go away, and there is no other response from the game. I think I "hung" it. Pressing any key on the keyboard does nothing. The only way to "recover" was to kill the process.