Mechanics: Infection


Infection fundamentals are in. Each time the player is bitten, they must succeed at a fortitude save or become infected. DC of fortitude save is based on the severity of the bite.
How it works
  • Player is bitten for a d4 worth of damage
  • Player performs a Fortitude save with a DC calculated as follows:
  • If bite does 75%-100% damage, then DC 25 (very hard), player receives 150 "points" to intInfectionLevel on failure
  • If bite does 50%-75% damage, then DC 20 (hard), player receives 75 "points" to intInfectionLevel on failure
  • If bite does 1%-50% damage, then DC 15 (moderate), player receives 25 "points" to intInfectionLevel on failure
    TODO: Stat modifiers and effects of infection progression. Conditional structure is in, just need to nail down what infection does to you.
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