Mechanics: Despair


Implemented the foundations for the Despair mechanic. Still needs to include dead/live friends.
UPDATE: Now includes stat modifiers for each despair state.
UPDATE 2: Can now detect if a zombie is far or near.
Will need to be expanded to NPCs once they are coded.
How it works:
  • Each turn, the following is recorded:
    • Damage taken
    • Zombies seen within 5 feet
    • Zombies seen beyond 5 feet
    • Corpses seen
  • Each 'sight' is given a base DC, which is multipled by the amount seen. At the moment, I'm using the following values:
    • Zombies: 3 far, 6 close
    • Corpses: 6
    • Damage: 2
  • The calculated value is then used to compute the DC for the Will Save. For example, if the player saw two zombies and took 6 points of damage on a turn, the DC for the Will save would be 24 (very hard).
  • Player makes the Will Save. If they succeed, nothing happens that turn. If they fail, they gain Despair points equal to the DC of the check.
  • Despair points decay each turn at a rate based on the player's Wisdom bonus.
Closed Oct 11, 2007 at 9:43 AM by lbooker