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Zero Day 0.0.5

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Released: Oct 22, 2007
Updated: Oct 23, 2007 by lbooker
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Source Code Zero Day 0.0.5a (source and binaries)
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Release Notes


  • To edit dog, cat and zombie stats, go to the Zero Day\bin\Data directory and open the *.hero files up in Notepad.
  • Use "%" to turn invisibility to zombies on and off. This will also turn off Despair checks.


  • Save/load routines for Hero class using XML.
    • Cat, dog and zombie now loaded externally.
  • Reduced flicker on monsters and items during hero LoS routine.
  • Increased viewport size. Roughly x2-x3 larger.
  • Improved Arch building generator.
    • Solid implementation now for Hospital and Hotel. Generates very decent looking buildings. Will expand in later versions.
  • Zombie eating logic. Once a zombie kills something, it and any zombies will chow on it until it's a skeleton. Zombies also look out for corpses that haven't been eaten, and will devour to the bone anything it finds, except zombie corpses.
  • Monsters now use a raytracing LoS system.
    • Because we don't need to draw a map for monsters, this system works perfectly. We use a pair of quick Abs routines to see if something is in range, and then draw a line to it. If something is blocking, then we can't see. Otherwise, target it and do whatever.
    • Monster AI is now much faster.
    • Optimised the monster LoS routine (see above) and MonsterAction routine in general. Also added a limit to AI range, so monsters far away are not processed. The AI limit is dynamic, so the few monsters on a level, the bigger the AI range.
  • New debug key "%": Toggles invisibility to zombies on and off. Default is off.
  • Cats and dogs now have LoS turned on.
  • Basic Sociality is working for cats and dogs. Zombies next.
  • Refactored some AI code and checks. New module: AI.vb
  • Extend Deterioration to zombie speed. Add in HP calcs too.


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