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Zero Day 0.0.4

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Released: Oct 16, 2007
Updated: Oct 16, 2007 by lbooker
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Source Code Zero Day 0.0.4 (source and binary)
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Release Notes


  • A lot of new checks and the like added. Will most likely effect performance. Whether the hit is noticable or not, can't be sure. I'll look to optimise things further as development progresses.
    • Monster AI is taking up a lot of CPU time. Definitely needs optimisation (maybe even rewrite).
  • To use the active Listen skill, hit "a" then "i". Character will gain a 10 to their Listen check, a range increment of 2, and will be able to hear movement. Takes a turn to do. DC to hear is 5.
  • Listen checks will eventually use Move Silently to counter.
  • Cats and dogs currently have ~50HP so I could test Monster vs Monster grappling rules. If they get in the way, just switch on Massive Damage (using "*") and they should go down in a hit or two.
  • Despair DCs
    • Zombies far: 2
    • Zombies close (with 5 feet): 8
    • Dead bodies: 2
    • Damage: 2


  • "&" Debug now cycles between Darkness (LoS 2), Torch (LoS 10) and Daylight (LoS 20).
  • Removed NPC and Monster classes. All creatures in-game now use the Hero class. The reason for this is so all creatures can use generic attack and action functions and apply them to others. Also makes external data handling easier (only need one function for all creatures). May need to to 'trim' the class.
  • Rewrote combat engine. Basic support is in, works fine. Combat descriptions need expanding, and certain checks will need to be implemented as time goes on.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the monster placement and ID code. Could still be buggy, so watch for inconsistencies with monsters (appearing/disappearing, not dying, artefacts).
  • Deterioration expanded. Deterioration is now tracked for zombies and corpses.
  • Added corpse support. When a creature dies, it'll leave a corpse. Includes deterioration changes. Human and zombie corpses now count towards Despair.
  • All currently implemented checks are now NPC compatible. Not tested.
  • Hero can now "hear". Will need to do NPCs later. Range on listen is set to "8". Uses cone-based algorithm.
  • Active Listen skill. See notes for use.
  • Dogs and cats added with basic logic.
  • Minor rework of speed code. Essentially the same, but cats are flagged as "Fast". This means they act twice in one turn. Code-wise, we're just looping through them an extra time. Hopefully won't cause any dramas.
  • Sociality stat added, but not implemented.
  • Added zombie prioritisation. Zombies will ignore other zombies (0), go after the player over all else (1), dogs next (3) and cats last (4). I've left spot "2" free for NPCs.
  • Zombies now add strength to their damage. As such, grapple damage reduced from a 1d6 to 1d4+Str.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory, skill and character screens that would stop the map from refreshing when closing such screens.
  • Various bug fixes


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